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To the surprise of no one, it turns out the Tiger Woods sex tape being promoted by Devon James is a fake – according to the dude who co-starred in it!

Teneal Goyco, a vague Tiger look-alike, says he was paid cash to “pretend to be Tiger Woods” during a taped two-hour tryst with piece of work Devon.

The man claims he was paid $1,000 to impersonate Woods in sex scenes with James, who had him “dress” like Tiger, complete with Nike hat and vest.

OUTTA THE WOODS: Tiger is no sex tape star. Of course, he’s still being spoofed in a sex tape with a woman he once slept with and a dude dressed up like him.

Devon James, who also lied earlier this year about Tiger Woods fathering her love child, is charging $25.95 for a video that’s on sale now and ships November 15.

But Goyco’s account pretty much nixes any remote chance that the video – featuring “Tiger Woods playing all the holes” with his former mistress – is legitimate.

“I was in it to make a few bucks and have sex with a pretty lady,” he says. “I thought I was just fulfilling this woman’s fantasy of having sex with Tiger Woods.”

Easy to see how that misunderstanding could happen.

According to Goyco, he met Devon and husband Nick James on July 30 at a nightclub in Philadelphia, where the pair was to appear in a Celebrity Boxing bout.

He said after drinking beer and vodka, the pair then propositioned him and the group went back to a local Comfort Inn where the sex tape filming took place.

“I saw it as an opportunity to make a few bucks and have sex with a pretty girl,” Teneal Goyco recalls. “It was cash up front, too … got to get that paper.”

However, when Goyco saw a photo of Devon James online, promoting her Tiger romp, he then realized he had been inadvertently cast in a “fake” sex tape.

“I thought the tape was just going to be for them. I had no idea she [setting up] Tiger,” he said. “I wanted to make some money – not ruin someone’s life.”

The pair made him dress up in a bid to impersonate Tiger.

“I wore a sweater vest with no sleeves and at one point I had a Nike hat on, a pair of dark blue khaki pants and a white and blue pin stripe shirt,” Goyco said.

“They put make up on my face and body because I am a bit darker than Tiger. I was told to pretend I was Tiger to fulfill her fantasy. I did what I was asked.”

“She kept screaming ‘F*%k me Tiger’ and there was all the usual moaning and groaning, over the top talk that you would expect,” Teneal hilariously recalls.

Nice try, Devon. At least you got some laughs out of us.