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As friends and family mourning the death of Elizabeth Edwards, one celebrity news site waited a whole 12 hours before working the Rielle Hunter angle.

The infamous mistress of John Edwards hopes she and the former Democratic presidential candidate can get married now, according to Radar Online.

A source close to Rielle Hunter says she “has been very patient” and “believes that John is her soul mate, and thinks they are going to get married.”

Rielle Hunter in her bizarre GQ photo spread earlier this year.

To those who applauded her courage in dealing with John, who cheated on her and knocked up Rielle while Elizabeth battled cancer, this won’t go over well.

At the time of Elizabeth Edwards’ death, she was estranged from John. Radar‘s source revealed that Hunter has been closely watching Elizabeth’s situation.

“She doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She’s been selfish and horrible this whole time, no matter what else has been said about her,” the source said.

THG NOTE: That’s pretty much all we’ve said about her.

Hunter currently lives in a home paid for by John Edwards. She lives there with their young daughter Quinn, the child John adamantly denied was his.

The National Enquirer busted him visiting Rielle and Quinn in a Beverly Hills hotel in 2008, after he lost the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama.

As for how Rielle will respond publicly to the news that Elizabeth has passed away, the source said they doubted what she said would be heartfelt.

She never expressed regret for her role in the scandal, even denying she was a home wrecker and basically blaming Elizabeth for John straying.

Basically, don’t expect a lot of sympathy now. “She will say some nice things about Elizabeth, but only if it makes her look good,” the source said.

How Rielle Hunter could possibly look good, we don’t know.