Chris Harrison Previews Compelling, Scandal-Free Season of The Bachelor

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In an exhaustive and not very revealing new interview with TV Guide, King of All Pimps Chris Harrison previews the new season of The Bachelor.

In Chris' defense, he can't yet reveal The Bachelor spoilers we've already posted. His job is to get people pumped for the return of Brad Womack.

That return, he says, was not easy for the star - or the women.

Chris Harrison and Brad Womack

"There's a large group out there that's like, 'Screw this guy. I hope he falls on his face and gets what coming to him,' and he does," Harrison said.

Brad, who dumped both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft three years ago, faces some skeptical contestants - and Pappas and Croft - January 3.

But despite the animosity he initially feels, Harrison says an old-school Bachelor progression follows, sans the "crazy scandal" of recent seasons.

"There was no crazy scandal," Chris says. "It either happens or it doesn't ... Someone sleeps with one of our producers or they don't. Someone has a girlfriend back at home or they don't. We're always at the whim of our contestants."

So what CAN we expect from Brad Womack this winter?

"There's a lot of drama, but my guess is Brad doesn't know or hasn't seen 95 percent of it," Chris says. "It's definitely one of those seasons where he's not privy to a lot of it and will be shocked by what's going on behind the scenes."

As for the lack of Rozlyn Papa-style drama, Chris says "there's a huge part of me, the normal human being part of me that is completely relieved."

"It's kind of old-school Bachelor. Brad was such an overwhelming story going in that he overshadowed anything, anyway. Him trying to redeem himself and proving he's a good guy, that's more than enough to keep everyone intrigued."

"I'm kind of glad nothing happened to take away from that."

As for this year's group of women?

"What we have this year instead of scandals are unbelievably compelling, tragic stories that you will absolutely be captivated by. It's a different group than we're used to, a little more mature in their life experiences," says Chris.

"One thing I love about this show is they all bring their own baggage. Good, bad or tragic, that affects the show and where the show goes. It's amazing to see how this show is pushed and pulled by everyone's stories and their histories."

His predicted fan favorite right off the bat?

"Emily. She's a sweet, cute Southern package. Even if you didn't know her story you'd want to put her on your night stand and keep her as a doll. She's the sweetest thing in the world, but when you hear her story, you realize how strong she is."

Will there be any Vienna Girardi-type fights between girls?

"Michelle is a polarizing figure. She might easily be the most beautiful girl on the show and knocks Brad on his backside the moment she gets out of the limo with this leopard print dress. Lo and behold, she's the instigator in the house."

"But all Brad sees is this sweet, unbelievably beautiful girl.

Regarding DeAnna and Jenni's visit, Chris says it was a great idea because "he needs to have that closure and although they've already moved on and Jenni's married and DeAnna's about to be, I think for him it was good to have it out."

"It was a great springboard to start the show for Brad, make amends, really admit that he was a jackass and how he was afraid to make a mistake."

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