Blake Lively Linked to Ryan Reynolds-Scarlett Johansson Breakup?

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The speculation was inevitable.

With the Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds breakup catching us all by surprise yesterday, rumors are flying about Ryan and his Green Lantern co-star.

But don't believe everything you hear about them ... probably.

Are Blake and Ryan more than co-stars? Will they be?

Scarlett and Ryan's public line about ut ending amicably, with "love and kindness," and so on seems hard to believe. But that doesn't mean Blake is behind it.

Rumblings of Reynolds and Lively canoodling and flirting have indeed surfaced in recent weeks (she's also newly single), and will likely increase now.

The press tour for Green Lantern is set to kick off post-New Year's, and the rumor mill will be buzzing with Blyan spending so much time together.

Blake has also been linked to Ryan Gosling since splitting with Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley. Quite the twosome to be romantically linked to in the tabloids.

Us Weekly, meanwhile, reports that Ryan has been "reaching out to an ex" amid the separation, but not in a sexual way, and that Scarlett initiated the split.

Basically there's little evidence actually connecting Reynolds and Lively.

In closing, this post is useless, but we leave you with these thoughts:

  • Ryan and Blake won't comment ... which will add to speculation.
  • So will Blake's decision to wear clothing such as you see here.
  • If we were Penn Badgley, we'd try to get ScarJo's digits ASAP.
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
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