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Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling had been linked together before, but were so obviously smitten with each other Tuesday, it’s hard to imagine they’re not a couple.

At the N.Y.C. premiere party for Gosling’s Blue Valentine, Lively practically attached herself to Gosling in the makeshift VIP section at the Top of the Standard.

On a side note, Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh, his 29-year-old new fiancée, were creating a job for Windex by making out against one of the club windows.

Brad Grey and Ryan Gosling
(Getty Images for AFI)

BLOSLING? RAKE? Call them what you want, we want more!

The Gossip Girl star’s appearance at the Blue Valentine premiere was surprising, given that she was in Paris the day before, shooting a Chanel ad campaign.

She almost didn’t make it into the VIP area, because a bodyguard didn’t recognize her. That’s hard for us to believe, but not everyone watches CW shows.

After she got a handler to reeducate the security dude, the ropes parted and she made a beeline for Gosling, and the sparks began flying soon afterward.

At one point, Gosling affectionately placed his hand on Blake’s knee while the stunning actress gave him a smoldering look that’s usually reserved for Dan.

Or Nate, or whomever S is scandalously hooking up with that week.

Later in the evening, when Gosling rose from his seat, Lively jumped up after him and grabbed the actor’s hand. He promptly sit back down. HOT STUFF!

They soon made separate exits: Gosling first, with Blake following just minutes behind. They were spotted later dining downstairs at the Standard Grill.

What do you think of these two as a couple?