Adam Lambert on Homosexuality, Career: It's a Balancing Act

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Since he first graced the American Idol stage, Adam Lambert has handled the topic of his homosexuality with grace and maturity.

That's continued to this day, including a recent visit to France, where a reporter asked Adam if he gets bothered by how often his sexual preference comes up in interviews.

"It doesn't bother me," he said. "When I'm abroad, people mostly ask me why they talk about it so much in the U.S.! And it's normal, because there are very few openly gay artists. I just don't want it to overshadow my music, and this can be the case because of the media, who have a tendency to sensationalize the issue.”

Lambert was also asked about the single "Aftermath," which seems to focus on the issue of one coming out.

“When there's a cause that you can support in an honest manner and when you can influence people to make their life better, I don't think you should pass up the opportunity," he said of the song. "It's very exciting to be able to do something meaningful. Even if it's only a simple pop song, there's an intent behind it, which is to help people to better accept who they are.”

This artist has been a featured artist at a number of recent holiday concerts. Relive many of his live performances in our Adam Lambert video section.

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