Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal: Happy, Friendly, Eating Ice Cream!

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Friends say Taylor Swift is a lot more serious about her career these days than she is about Jake Gyllenhall.

But that hasn't stopped these two from taking their quasi romance out west.

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A week after they were initially spotted around New York City, Swift and Gyllenhaal spent Halloween weekend in California. Late on Monday, witnesses saw the pair stop for an ice cream at a shop in Santa Barbara.

"They looked at all the flavors and couldn't decide, so they asked the counter girls for help," a staffer told Us Weekly of the duo, who were described as "happy" and "friendly."

The celebs' ice cream choices? Drum roll, please... Swiss chocolate chip for Jake and yogurt with rainbow sprinkles for Taylor. Gyllenhaal paid for both.

Onlookers also say the pair posed happily for photos in the parking lot and "smiled a ton." Swift does have one million reasons to be pleased, too: her new album has already sold that many copies.

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