Amber Portwood: Stealing Back Baby Leah!

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Is Teen Mom star Amber Portwood stealing back her baby daughter, Leah? Was her baby ever not with her in actuality? It's all very much unclear, but hey.

If you're OK! Magazine, these details don't get in the way of good copy. The celeb gossip tabloid reports in its new cover story that Amber's hatched a plan.

For the past two weeks, the mag says, every time Leah, saw a young woman with brown hair, she called her "mommy." Amber Portwood? Devastated.

Stealing Baby Leah

STEALING LEAH: Amber Portwood allegedly is. Or was. It's unclear.

“Leah would look around and say, ‘Amber, Amber, mommy, mommy,’” says Andrew Swan, BFF of the baby’s father, Gary Shirley. “It was breaking my heart.”

Then finally, on October 31, Amber swooped in to reclaim Leah, spending Halloween with her and claiming she'll do what it takes to get her life together.

Despite freaking the f*%k out on occasion, Amber believes she can do a better job than Gary when it comes to raising Leah, a source says. Right.

Anyway, she has Leah back, but can Amber Portwood really change? How long will it be until the next police report? Stay tuned, people. Stay. Tuned.

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