Dina Lohan: Lindsay is a Different Person!

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America's least favorite celebrity mom, Dina Lohan, visited the Today Show Monday after spending time at the Betty Ford Center with troubled daughter Lindsay.

Lindsay's chief enabler and de facto publicist called the facility "life-changing" and an "amazing place," and sounded surprisingly humble (for her) about her struggles.

Matt Lauer asked Dina, who spent two weeks in family sessions at the clinic, about Lindsay's condition. "Happy, relaxed. She's just a different person," Dina said.

D-List Dina
Blinded By His Own Stupidity

Are these two finally seeing the light? [Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

"She's been in a couple facilities, but this one, to me, has really changed her. They get into your psyche and your family and they bring the problem to the surface."

Lauer and Lohan sparred the last time she was on Today, but this time, there wasn't too much contention, even when Matt pressed Dina Lohan on Lindsay's woes.

"When the judge said [Lindsay] needed to go here and sent her, he said to her in no uncertain terms, 'You're an addict,'" Lauer said. "Does Lindsay fully get that?"

"Yes," Dina answered. "And this teaches you that you are, and she's young. I thank God that he didn't incarcerate her because that wouldn't have helped her."

"Being so young, admitting that can only help her in the future."

Dina says she realizes the severity of the problem, too" "We take it a day at a time. Addiction is difficult. I don't know, I don't have a crystal ball. I pray hard."

Dina says Lindsay Lohan wants to start her own rehab facilities for other young people (yes, she's serious), and acknowledged her desire to return to film.

Lauer asked if Dina would encourage another early release.

"Lindsay wants to stay," Dina said, showing surprising maturity. "She's learning the trigger points and why she turns to drugs or addiction. It's a life journey."

The Today interview came after news of Lindsay Lohan's reunion with father Michael Lohan, Dina's ex, at Betty Ford. The reunion was reportedly "emotional."

There were "hugs, kisses, even a few tears." Might our girl finally be getting it together and turning over a new leaf? Here's hoping her parents help this time.

Check out Dina's interview on Today here ...

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