Wayne Rooney and Wife Plan Second Honeymoon, Aim to Repair Marriage

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Wayne Rooney paid for sex with a high-priced call girl and bragged about the affair around town. But the soccer star hopes a vacation to Prague will help repair his marriage to wife Coleen.

Witnesses spotted the couple at Heathrow airport last night, as they embarked for the vacation separately, in an attempt to evade the paparazzi.

"Wayne wants this trip to be like a second honeymoon," a source told The Daily Mirror. "He is desperate to make it up to Coleen and a break away is exactly what they need."

Life hasn't been easy for Rooney since the scandal broke. He got injured on the field and Coca-Cola scrapped plans to feature his face on the side of millions of cans after unnamed bosses at the company branded Wayne as "disgusting" for his alleged cheating.

Coleen doesn't seem to agree, though. She's agreed to take her husband back, under certain conditions.

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