Tiger Woods Sex Tape: Faked By Devon James!

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We've gotta give Devon James credit for going all in at least.

With her efforts to con Tiger Woods into paying support for a love child that isn't his, she established her place as the most shameless of his mistresses.

Her latest scam - alleging she has a Tiger Woods sex tape, then seeking a Tiger look-alike to star in one and bolster the lie - has lowered the bar again.

As Tiger Woods can attest, Devon James is one classy babe.

Alas, Devon's been foiled again, as the Tiger Woods sex tape is a "scam" according to the ex-manager of the hooker who claims to have sold the rights.

Devon James even tried to find a doppelganger of the disgraced golfer to star in a fake tape, which she's promoting on tigertapexxx [dot] com. Really.

The site, featuring a photo of Dev, promises to release the full 62-minute Tiger sex tape shortly and says she will begin accepting orders on October 15.

Sounds enticing, except that it doesn't even exist.

According to Gina Rodriguez, a former porn star turned manager of James, Devon's declaration that the tape was "gonna be the bomb" is a total lie.

"It can't be - because the tape does not exist," Rodriguez said. "This is a scam and I would advise anyone thinking of buying it to not send money for pre order, because the tape does not exist and if they have a tape, it's NOT Tiger."

Nor is it Tiger Woods Cigar Guy. Although that would be classic.

Devon's husband, Nick James, has claimed the 62-minute video clearly shows Tiger Woods in 37 minutes worth of compromising positions. What's going on in the other 25 then? He didn't say, but they claim it was filmed two years ago.

"You can see him clearly," Nick said. "He's pretty dirty."

The only dirty thing is James' lie, Rodriguez says, adding that "Everything Devon has said and done has been a lie ... Nick knew Tiger was not in any video so he said, 'We should find a Tiger look a like and make a tape, no one will know.'

Click here for the full account of James' latest scheme ...

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