Fake Tiger Woods Sex Tape: On Sale Now!

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The Tiger Woods sex tape being sold by Devon James is by all accounts a total hoax, and we can't imagine she won't get sued for defamation at some point, but hey, why let that stop you from trying to grab some attention and cash?

Devon, who along with Joslyn James has become the most shameless and enterprising of Tiger Woods many mistresses, started taking pre-orders today.

Tiges in Action

STROKE PLAY: Tiges may have played the holes, but not on tape.

There's no proof that any sex tape even exists, in fact, her former manager even says that the porn star cast a look-alike and filmed the thing only recently.

On a website dubbed TigerTapexxx (dot) com, you can order the disc, titled simply, Tiger Woods & Devon James Sex Tape, for $39.95 plus tax. SO worth it.

The sex tape comes with an autographed 8x10 photo of Devon James - talk about a must-have bonus right there! - and will ship no later than November 15, giving her plenty of time to cash your check and flee to the Cayman Islands.

Devon James' sex tape tales would be bogus on their own, but given that she also tried to fake a love child with Tiger Woods this year, they're just laughable.

Despite the evidence claims that the tape is not real, Nick James, the ho's husband SWEARS that it is, and that it was filmed at a Florida condo in 2008.

Nick says Tiger gets his freak on, giving it to his wife real good in 37 minutes worth of compromising positions on the disc, which runs 62 minutes in all.

Don't ask what happens in the other 25. Probably just filler.

"You can see him clearly," Nick said. "He's pretty dirty."

Good to hear, Nick. Good to know.

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