President Obama to Appear on MythBusters

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Today at the White House Science Fair, President Barack Obama revealed that he'd just taped an episode of the Discovery Channel hit show Mythbusters.

The Washington Post says the episode will put to the test "whether ancient Greek scientist Archimedes set fire to invading Roman fleet using only mirrors & sun."

Weak. POTUS on Mythbusters and we get a total snoozefest?

MYTHBUSTER-IN-CHIEF: Barack Obama is coming to the Discovery Channel!

Sure, Barack's efforts to promote math and science on the show are well intentioned. But what about some of the myths we're dying to explore in detail? Such as ...

  • That Sarah Palin invents words faster than the national debt rises.
  • That Justin Bieber was involved in a laser tag assault.
  • That Lindsay Lohan broke out of rehab to get a soda.
  • That Christine O'Donnell is not a witch ... she's you.
  • That Kanye West's naked album cover was "banned."
  • That Jon Stewart is a bigot ... just because!
  • That whole Lady Gaga hermaphrodite thing.
  • That Kate Gosselin is a great mom.
  • That he has no idea who Snooki is.

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