Many Wives, One Heart: Kody Brown Defends Sister Wives, Hopes For Leniency From D.A.

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With four wives and 16 kids, Kody Brown is used to complicated situations. But facing a legal crackdown in the form of a felony bigamy investigation is different.

"I just hope," he tells People, "They don't put me in jail for loving four women."

Sister Wives Wives

Since TLC's Sister Wives began depicting his polygamist ways, the affable Kody, who just married Robyn Sullivan to up the wife count to four, has felt the heat.

MRS. BROWNS: This real-life drama is reminiscent of Big Love, or vice versa.

It's a rare occurrence to see someone prosecuted for polygamy in Utah, but the Browns have hired a lawyer to defend Kody - and by association, their lifestyle.

Brown and wives say they knew the legal dangers of going public on the TLC show, but wanted to take the risk to show a different side of polygamist culture.

"We understand the outrage and confusion over our lifestyle," says Sullivan, the fourth Mrs. Kody Brown. "We're Frankenstein and freaks to a lot of people."

What do you think? Should the Brows be prosecuted?

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