Did Elin Nordegren Try to Confront Joslyn James?

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Did Tiger Woods' then-wife Elin Nordegren try to confront Joslyn James about her filthy affair with the golfer? That's what the trashy mistress is claiming.

Joslyn, one of the more notorious Tiger Woods mistresses, claims Elin went to three different strip clubs in a bid to confront her about the affair this year.

“Each time she showed up I wasn't there,” Joslyn, real name Veronica Siwik-Daniels, recalled to Steppin’ Out. “When I was in Atlanta, Elin came and saw me."

Veronica Siwik-Daniels

Joslyn James (left) says Elin Nordegren was hunting her down.

"When she arrived I was on stage. I didn't hear about it until later, the next day. He [Tiger] was in Augusta. She went to two other clubs looking for me."

"I honestly think she wanted to talk to me and had something to ask me. She came to the club. I heard she had something she wanted to talk about."

Wonder what that could be? Reports suggest that Joslyn James' affair with Tiger, specifically, was a catalyst in Elin Nordegren divorcing him this spring.

He had many mistresses, but the extent of his dalliances with James - nasty texts about choking her and golden showers, for example - was different.

Between James and the text messages Elin saw from Rachel Uchitel on Thanksgiving, when Tiger fled the couple’s Florida home and crashed his car?

There was no going back from there.

“I feel bad we never had that moment,” Joslyn said. “I'm sorry we didn't get the chance because I'm sure we would have had a lot to say to each other.”

We're sorry too, Joslyn James. You could have told us all about it and milked your 15 minutes of infamy another second or too longer. What a shame.

There's still her feud with Devon James at least. Run with that, JJ.

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