Dancing With the Stars: Did Voters Boot Bristol?

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Bristol Palin's gorilla suit left her in a hairy situation after Monday night's Dancing with the Stars. With the lowest score of 18, and having looked generally mediocre, with no real improvement to point to, she seemed destined to be eliminated.

But a low score does not an elimination make ... necessarily.

Sarah Palin's offspring scored just 18 points, ahead of Kyle Massey's 20 and Florence Henderson's 21. One of the three was kicked off. Follow the jump to see who ...

Bristol Palin is safe! So is Kyle Massey! Florence Henderson is out despite outscoring both! It was a tough break for the 76-year-old, but she took it well.
Florence Henderson, Corky Ballas

"I was a surprised but you know, I’ve watched this show since it began and I’ve seen absolutely shocking things happen so somebody had to go,” she said.

“When the two lowest [scorers] were safe, I thought `Corky, we’re in trouble.'"

It was a lot to ask to tango to the Brady Bunch theme song. Though the veteran actress did her best to perform Corky Ballas’ choreography, the number just didn’t fly with the judges or fans, and there you have it. Then there were seven.

"I've been in TV for 50 years and I have to say honestly this has been one of the best produced shows I've ever been on," the Brady Bunch star said after she heard the sad news. "I've loved the show since it began. It's just a tremendous show."

Henderson left the show on this classy, uplifting note: "I hope I've inspired people to get off their behinds and move and dance and live and enjoy life."

Did Dancing With the Stars voters get this one right? Or should Bristol Palin have gone home instead? Who are you rooting for now?


Dancing with the Stars Quotes

We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

I am not the best dancer, and I have not been the best dancer from the beginning. I am happy we made it this far.

Cristian de la Fuente