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Following Monday’s season finale of Bachelor Pad, won by Dave Good and Natalie Getz, host-pimp Chris Harrison dished on the next star of The Bachelor. He is …


“We are starting production soon, and we’re going to need somebody,” Chris said, noting that the long-running show is still looking for Jake Pavelka’s successor.

Chris Lambton fell for Ali. Will others have a chance to fall for him?

“If you know any good bachelors out there, let me know,” Harrison added, while saying he remains open to bringing back an unnamed former Bachelorette star.

Reading between the lines, it’s clear ABC wants Chris Lambton, who Ali Fedotowsky rejected on The Bachelorette finale and got engaged to Roberto Martinez.

It’s also becoming clear that Chris will likely pass if he hasn’t already.

“I’ve actually fought for both,” Harrison says of both the old and new scenarios. “Can we go back to somebody who’s an unknown? My theory is yes, we can do it.”

“It would have to be a good story. But I also walk the fence and subscribe to the theory of, ‘When you show up, you know Ali and you’re invested. Whether you love her or you hate her, you’re vested and you’re going to watch.'”

“On the other hand, I just want to get someone new, break the cycle!”

What do you think? Will Chris have a change of heart and become the star of The Bachelor? Or will the Cape Codder happily go back to his normal life instead? Would you prefer he do that and the show pick a new star for once?

Tell us: Should Chris L. be the next Bachelor?