David Good and Natalie Getz Win Bachelor Pad!

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David Good and Natalie Getz are your winners of Bachelor Pad's first and hopefully last season. Congrats to The Bachelor and Bachelorette castoffs you may not recall!

Natalie, who vied for Jason Mesnick, and Dave, who sought Jillian Harris (neither came too close to winning their respective season), pulled off an impressive win here.

After some shameless Dancing With the Stars cross-promotion, their fate was in the hands of Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn, who chose to take them to the finals.

David Good, Natalie Getz
Dave Good, Natalie Getz

Dave Good and Natalie Getz cha-cha their way to $125,000 a piece.

Fortunately, Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke are so totally loyal, they took Dave and Nat over Jesse Kovacs and the insane Elizabeth Kitt. It ended up costing them.

The rest of the Pad cast voted for which couple they thought should win the money, and Dave and Natalie won fairly easily, which was a bit of a surprise in the end.

While Kiptyn is a genuinely nice guy, people connected with Dave on more of a real level, apparently. But then the biggest twist of all threatened the winners ...

In a play on the prisoner's dilemma, Natalie and Dave had to choose - without the other's knowledge - whether to keep the money or split it evenly with the other.

The rub? If they both chose to keep it, they'd both lose it. If one chose to keep it and the other to share it, that person's outta luck. If they both share, they share.

Which is what happened. But Natalie pulled a nice fake-out, convincing us she was going to screw over Dave for a second there. Hey, we wouldn't put it past her.

What do you think? Did you enjoy this nonsense and are you pleased with how the season of Bachelor Pad played out? Did Dave and Natalie deserve the money?

Other notes:

  • Dave and Natalie are giving the long-distance relationship a try
  • Kiptyn and Tenley are together, and revoltingly mushy about it
  • Kovacs and Elizabeth broke up. What a shocker.
  • Gia and her boyfriend are over. Also a shocker.
  • She and Wes are a thing now. Wow.
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