Tiffany Livingston Panics Aboard Flight, Taken into Custody

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What is going on with JetBlue airlines? No one wants to remain aboard that company's jets!

First, Steven Slater slid off a grounded plane because he was sick of his job. Then, last night, Playboy model Tiffany Livingston tried to escape from the commercial flight she was on - while it was in the air! At least that's what fellow passengers believed at the time.

Cellulite vs. Britney

Tiffany Livingston is all about getting off... men. Not planes while they are in the air.

At 10,000 feet, Livingston - the 21-year old featured in the debut edition of Singapore's version of Playboy - suffered a panic attack and reached for the airplane's door in order to steady herself. But those around Tiffany thought she was actually trying to open the hatch.

Because this would have killed everyone on board, Livingston was detained by authorities and questioned.

However, the FBI believes her story (a source told The New York Post: "She said she's gone through this before, but never this bad, and didn't have... her medication.") and the model has been released without any charges filed against her.

Her measurements are 32C-22-33.