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You remember Brittany Flickinger, don’t you? The aspiring singer was briefly Paris Hilton’s BFF, following her triumph on the first season of the aptly-named reality show Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.

No one has heard from this random girl in centuries, but, naturally, she spoke to E! News this week about the heiress’ recent brush with the law and overall issues in life.

Flickinger says the crazy world in which Hilton resides “wasn’t my style,” adding: “The way Paris acts is really out there and always the center of attention. [She] always takes it too far, every time we go out.”

Brittany never saw Paris take any drugs, but she’s still worried about her former, fake friend.

“I don’t want to see her die or go downhill,” she said. “I think she just needs real friends. I don’t know if she needs professional help, but, she needs somebody -other than [sister Nicky Hilton] -that cares about her for real.”

Sadly, that person can’t be Flickinger. Paris dumped her last year, saying at the time: “My BFF and I are no longer BFFs. She was really hungry for fame and fortune… like a hungry tiger!”

That’s a shocking revelation about someone who earned the position of best friend via a reality competition. Watch Flickinger’s full interview below:

Brittany Flickinger Interview