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Dina Lohan says her daughter Lindsay was treated like a common criminal during her stint in jail. Not the case, says another girl in there for the same thing.

“Lindsay had a lot of special treatment while she was in jail,” Katie A., who did not give her last name, likely because she is also a drunk driving idiot, said.

“The entire jail was put on lockdown any time Lindsay left her cell. She spent a lot of time in her cell, but also went to the medical clinic several times a day.”

Not only that, but “One employee of the jail had to spend his day searching the entire place for any books by Ernest Hemmingway for Lindsay,” Katie says.

“Those are the only books she would read.”

Hey, she has discerning taste, okay? Lay off, girl!

INMATE 6126: Lindsay was a special one, sources say.

In addition to having the jail cleared while she was on the move, poor Katie A. laments that rich, famous Lohan also got a brand new jail uniform everyday, while other inmates just got a clean pair once a week – if they were lucky!

Katie also says Lindsay, who is now in rehab being treated for drug abuse and mental health issues, was granted her commissary order when she was incarcerated July 20 even though all orders are supposed to be placed Monday night.

“I checked into Lynwood on the same Tuesday as Lindsay and had to wait until the next week for my commissary order to be placed,” Katie says.

“But Lindsay got hers. I was sentenced to 30 days because of a violation of my probation for not attending an alcohol education class,” she adds.

“The same thing as Lindsay. Lindsay served 13 days out of her 90 day sentence whereas I had to serve 20 days for a much lesser sentence.”

Aww. We would feel bad, but how hard is it to:

  1. Call a cab?
  2. Go to one BS alcohol education class per week?

Not very. Morons.