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Has Heidi Montag recently undergone more plastic surgery? 

New evidence has surfaced that strongly suggests so. It would certainly explain her self-imposed seclusion in Costa Rica, which otherwise makes no sense.

Pics on Radar Online show her in a bikini and a weird bandage on her nose, complete with a splint, often used to protect one’s nose after a rhinoplasty.

Mind you, this story involves plastic surgery beyond what she already had. Here’s the 2010 Heidi Montag and a prior year model. [Photos:]

The ‘Tag, who has zero credibility, says she wants her implants removed, says that the tape is from her previous operation(s): “Except for filming and a few photo shoots, I’ve had my nose tape on 24 hours a day since November,” she says.

“The last time I didn’t wear tape after surgery and my nose changed shape. It takes a year for your nose to heal. This is just the first photo anyone has seen of it.”

We’ll believe that about as much as the Heidi Montag sex tape nonsense.

Although The Hills star has claimed to be divorcing her husband Spencer Pratt, he too is in Costa Rica, where she claims she is relocating to “focus on herself.”

Spencer says he traveled to the Central American nation to convince his plastic wife to call off their divorce and film a new reality show with him … or else!

He claims he will release a library of sex footage featuring himself, Heidi and Karissa Shannon if she doesn’t come back to him. He wants millions for the tape(s).

Vivid Entertainment, his potential buyer, has balked at negotiating with Speidi and being part of a likely PR stunt. Until they see a clip of Speidi boning, no deal.

What do you think? Does the sex tape exist?

What about their divorce? Is it even real?