Stephen Colbert to Mel Gibson, The View, The-Dream, BP and Others: You're On Notice!

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Okay, so Stephen Colbert had nothing to do with this. But this is what the Comedy Central host's trademark On Notice board would look like if THG got hold of it.

While Daniel Tosh may have passed him in the ratings, Colbert remains the man. Surely not a man you want to cross if you're an environmental disaster, anyway.

In honor of Stephen, and as a new means of calling out some things in the celebrity and real worlds that really deserve it, we're putting the following On Notice!

Puttin 'Em On Notice
  1. The oil spill. Way to ruin the Gulf of Mexico, BP.
  2. The View. This program is known for its outspoken panel's controversial stances ... but their ignorant HIV comments were straight out of the early 1980s.
  3. Mel Gibson. The fact that we had a hard time deciding which insane, racist, sexist Mel Gibson tirade to link to in this article tells you all you need to know.
  4. OK! Magazine. At least make up new lies. Yeesh.
  5. LeBron James' "team." No, not the Heat. The marketing gurus who convinced him to stick it to Cleveland on national TV. Way to "build a brand," guys!
  6. The-Dream. Stop lying. We know you were creepin'.
  7. East Coast weather. Al Gore must be cackling right now. If we wanted to live in a furnace, we'd move to Arizona. At least everything there has AC.
  8. Frank from The Bachelorette. We're not gonna give away any Bachelorette spoilers here ... but it's in the previews. How can you pull that crap, man?

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