Third-Rate Tabloids Declare End of Brangelina

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are so done. Come on, it could not be more obvious. After the 12th consecutive fight to end all fights, what more is there to say?

Even the big-name celebrity gossip tabloids took a rare break from bashing Brangelina this week, but not New Weekly and Famous, which apparently exist.

The two biggest stars in Hollywood split up - and shockingly, no one noticed until NW broke the news! What a scoop! Same with that police blowout. Wow.

There's apparently no limit to the number of times police are called to their home, and Ange moves out, or Brad is sneaking around with Jennifer Aniston.

Who cares if we've heard it 20 times before, or there's never any evidence to support these outrageous claims, they keep selling magazines (somehow).

Guess Angelina Jolie being awesome isn't as salacious of a story ...

FAMOUS-LY BAD REPORTING: Angelina is "sick of Brad's boozing." Elsewhere, Posh Spice's $1M proves she's Queen of all WAGs and the Glee cast was told NO SEX!

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