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Welcome to The Hollywood Gossip. In our Week in Review below, we look back on an exciting seven days in the world of celebrity gossip and Hollywood news.

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  • “Untamed” Miley Cyrus hated on Glee, possibly broke up with Liam Hemsworth, said critics don’t get her “art,” then made out with a backup dancer.
  • The Gary Coleman 911 call released after the actor’s death paints a disturbing picture of his final, lucid hours – and of his (non) wife Shannon Price.
  • Heidi Montag separated from Spencer Pratt. Really. Really? Maybe. Some signs appear legit, but with Speidi, there’s always a chance it’s a sham.
  • A report surfaced that Lamar Odom got Khloe Kardashian pregnant. Turns out that was likely just a ploy for attention, however … just shocking.

Miley wants to be controversial. Shannon Price beat her to it.

Kristin Stewart’s big mouth and Sarah Ferguson’s big bribe made news.

R.I.P. Dennis Hopper (1936-2010) and Rue McClanahan (1934-2010).

  • It’s over: Al and Tipper Gore, Naveen Andrews and Barbara Hershey, Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson, maybe Speidi and Miley (see above).
  • Wedding bells: Ian Ziering wed Erin Ludwig; Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vazquez will marry soon; Joanna Garcia and Nick Swisher are engaged.
  • Baby news: Celine Dion is expecting twins; Josie Duggar went home; Kevin Costner and his wife welcomed #3; Mariah Carey may be pregnant.
  • R.I.P.: Golden Girls star Rue McClanahan, Hollywood legend/iconoclast Dennis Hopper, and Andrew Koppel, son of veteran broadcaster Ted.

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