Tiger and Elin Woods: Not on Speaking Terms

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Tiger Woods and wife Elin are no longer speaking to each other, according to new reports that cite no named sources, but are probably believable anyway.

Both have hired divorce lawyers and things have gotten so bad that the couple uses intermediaries to communicate, a source close to both of them claims.

She's fighting for the kids in private, but tries to keep their children protected from their deteriorating marriage. Thus, Tiger and Elin refrain from arguing.

They also refrain from speaking to one another, period.

“Elin has the nannies take the children back and forth,” one source said regarding how the children are moved to and from Tiger and Elin Woods' homes.

Elin moved out of the home they shared and into a rented house about a mile away. One of Tiger’s employees goes over logistics and schedules with her.

Relations between Tiger and Elin Woods? Not exactly cordial.

“They’ve had no conflict over the kids but they’ve also had no contact,” the source said. “Elin Woods has made it very clear this is the way she wants it.”

Elin stopped going into Tiger’s house when dropping off the children, and now has their nannies take the children from house to house during the day.

“They don’t speak anymore,” the source said, noting that the relationship is growing worse. “Even on the rare times when they see each other in person.”

Elin has taken four trips away from Tiger in the past several weeks, including one to her native country (she's rumored to be moving to Sweden for good).

She stopped putting out a while ago too.

When Tiger announced his return to golf, Elin believed he wasn’t sincere about changing his life. Prior to that, it appeared the marriage could be saved.

Despite the fact that both sides have lawyers and barbs have already been traded in the looming split, there has been no Tiger Woods divorce filing. Yet.

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