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After enduring months of the Tiger Woods sex scandal, Elin Nordegren is desperate to leave the sordid mess – and she’s battling to help her kids escape it as well.

She wants to leave and raise her children, Sam, 2, and Charlie, 15 months, in her homeland of Sweden, and wants her divorce from Tiger Woods to permit that.

“Elin is working around the clock to cut a custody deal that will allow her to permanently move herself and the kids to Sweden,” a friend of Elin Woods reports.

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According to sources, Tiger knows he can’t fight her decision to move home to Sweden, but retained high-power international custody lawyer Thomas Sasser.

That’s more to make sure he gets visitation and doesn’t lose access to the kids when she gets there than to stop her from proceeding with her move, though.

Will Elin Woods divorce Tiger and relocate with the cubs?

“Elin is fighting for sole custody,” says one insider.

“Tiger is having none of it,” says another.

Sources close to Elin Woods say she just wants to shield her children from the scandal, not punish Tiger Woods, even after everything he did to hurt them all.

“Elin would never, ever stop him from seeing them” the friend says. “Her only focus is the children. They have always been her primary concern in all of this.”

All indications are that there is little to no hope of reconciliation at this point, and the only question surrounding the couple’s divorce is who will file first.