Lindsay Lohan Posts Bail, Avoids Arrest, Accuses Michael Lohan of Passport Theft

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Lindsay Lohan has posted bail in her DUI probation violation case, plunking down a fat $10,000 and will subsequently not be arrested, according to reports.

The star's bail had been set at $100,000, but when Lohan's people dropped the standard 10 percent, the judge then recalled the warrant for Lohan's arrest.

Lindsay and her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, will be in court Monday at 8:30. Judge Marsha Revel will then set a date for a probation violation hearing.

The judge believes there is probable cause to believe Lindsay violated the terms of her probation by failing to complete alcohol education courses this year.

Lohan had been due in court yesterday, but was stuck in Cannes, France, after her passport was stolen (allegedly). Just a poor stunt to miss the hearing?

Lindsay says no way - it was stolen all right, and in typical finger-pointing fashion, she says her estranged father, Michael Lohan, was behind the charade.

Lohan the Wreck

Lindsay Lohan has staved off an airport arrest ... for now.

"I always said my father had someone do it," the delusional actress said.

The train wreck, who could face 180 days in jail if prosecutors throw the book at her and the judge agrees she violated her probation, is clearly in denial.

Yes, Lindsay and Michael's already-strained relationship has gotten more contentious in recent months, but his stated goal is to get her into rehab, not jail.

If he did gank her passport, which would be a practical impossibility anyway, he would be fast-tracking her to the slammer, which doesn't benefit anybody.

He's a tool, sure. But give it up, girl. He's not behind this.

His lawyer Lisa Bloom said as much. "Lindsay needs treatment, and jail is not going to help ... Michael was working very hard behind the scenes to help."

Of the allegations, she says: "Lindsay is obviously angry with Michael because he wanted her to go to rehab for several months. She's lashing out at him."

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