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The teenage hooker allegedly raped by Lawrence Taylor is opening up about how her pimp forced her to have sex with the NFL legend after she refused.

“I told him I wasn’t going to the hotel, and he said, ‘You’re f*%king this up, it’s $300,” the frightened Bronx girl, 16, said Rasheed Davis, 36, screamed.

“He hit me in the face, so I covered my face,” the girl told the N.Y. Post.

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She crouched down on the ground to avoid Rasheed Davis‘ blows, but “[he] was kicking and stomping on me” before “dragging” her to the Holiday Inn.

“He told me to tell him my name is Carmen and I’m 19 years old,” she recalled. “He told me repeatedly and I had to repeat it back to him.”

Lawrence Taylor was arrested last week and charged with rape.

When she arrived at hotel in Suffern, N.Y., “the lights were off and [Lawrence Taylor] didn’t see that my face was bruised,” the girl recounted.

“Lawrence asked me my age and I told him I was 19,” she said, noting that she feared for her life if she didn’t have sex with the Hall of Famer.

“If I didn’t go through with it, [Lawrence Taylor] would’ve called Rasheed and there would have been severe consequences,” she said.

“God knows what would’ve happened if I didn’t go through with it.”

On the drive back to The Bronx, the girl frantically text messaged her uncle about the alleged assault and prostitution that had just taken place.

“Tio [the uncle] help me,” she hurriedly typed out while still in the alleged clutches of Davis, according to a text shown exclusively to The Post.

“I don’t want to live like this.”

After getting the message, her uncle called 911 and cops were waiting at Davis’ home to arrest him. Taylor was arrested for rape later that day.

The girl is now in foster care, reports say.

Meanwhile, Lawrence Taylor is privately contradicting what his lawyer has said publicly about his having sex with the 16-year-old prostitute.

A source close to Taylor says that the ex-New York Giant acknowledged the pimp supplied the girl, but “honestly believed she was 19 or 21.”

Taylor’s lawyer said flatly yesterday that he did not have sex with her.

According to the source, Taylor is “devastated,” insisting he’s “not into the world of 16-year-olds.” However, the source did add: “He wants a lot of girls.”

“They don’t have to be the most beautiful, but he’s into quantity.”

As for whether it matters legally what he thought or was told, if the NFL star had sex with an underage girl, according to the law, it’s rape.

Under New York State law, it doesn’t matter if the girl lied to him about her age, it’s statutory rape regardless. If he had sex with her, that is.

He says he didn’t, although neither he nor his attorney has offered much in the way of details regarding the alleged incident as of right now.