Sister of Victim: Bruce Beresford-Redman Was Having an Affair

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More details are emerging on the death of Monica Beresford-Redma, and none of them make husband Bruce Beresford-Redman look very good.

The former Emmy-winning producer of Survivor has been detailed in the death of his wife, whose body turned up in a Cancun sewer this week.

According to the victim's sister, Carla Burgos, there's a motive for Bruce's alleged crime: Moncia recently discovered his infidelity.

“I know he was having an affair,” Burgos told “And she found out.”

On Monday night, the couple was spotted arguing at the Moon Palace resort in Mexico, where they were vacationing. A day later, Bruce reported his wife as missing after she supposedly didn't return from a shopping trip. Her body was found yesterday morning.

"They never fought. I mean there were arguments but they never got physical," Carla said. "I’m in shock. I never would have expected this to happen, not from him."

Now, however, she's positive that it did, indeed, happen - and Bruce is to blame.

“I’m sure now. There were witnesses who heard someone screaming and calling for help. [Bruce] also has scratches on his arm."

Beresford-Redman has not been charged with any crimes yet. He's considered the main suspect in the investigation.