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Ryan Phillippe is pissed at the media. And in what arena is the actor taking out those frustrations?

Via the media.

Reese Witherspoon’s ex-husband is featured in the latest issue of Men’s Health and will host Saturday Night Live this weekend. He opened up to the magazine about his divorce.

“I still have sadness and complicated feelings about my divorce,” he says. “But how beneficial is it to keep hanging onto those feelings?”

Ryan Phillippe Looks Serious
(Getty Images for POP & SUKI)

We’ve also excerpted other parts of his interview, including how Ryan feels about aging, among other topics:

On playing a gay teen on One Life to Live: “I would worry, ‘What will the people at school think?’ And they shunned me in a lot of ways. But it ended up being an incredible experience and such a time of growth for me.”

On working with Will Forte and Kristen Wiig on the movie MacGruber: “I tend to internalize and analyze, but with them, there’s none of that. There was no edit, no judgment. I was just a really free atmosphere.”

On getting older: “I thought the most experience you had, the more certain you would be about life. But I’m finding the opposite, man. I’m more in wonder and confusion than I was in my 20s.”