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Having abadoned her career as a professional, rarely clothed Twitter user, Tila Tequila has set her sights on a new goal:

World Wide Web domination.

In an interview with Fox News, the shameless D-lister said she’s excited about her upcoming celebrity gossip blog,, because it “will dethrone Perez Hilton.”

“Everybody knows I dubbed him ‘Piggy Perez’,” Tila said. “All my friends say, ‘we can’t wait for your site, you’re going to beat Piggy Perez.’”

That’s a tall order, of course. Can Tequila draw penises on photos, make everything about herself, and use second grade-level vocabulary?

Hilton isn’t the only person Tila says she’ll take down with her new site.

“People who have messed with me, I will put them on ‘blast,’ every single one of them, and it is going to be ugly,” she promises, possibly aiming her venom at THG.

If that’s the case, we have a message for this future rival: Bring. It. On. We also have a question for readers:

Who sucks more?