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Rachel Uchitel, the O.G. Tiger Woods mistress, has been hitting a Vegas dance studio, reportedly in preparation for – you know it! – Dancing with the Stars.

That would trump Kate Gosselin tenfold on the stunt casting scale. What’s her title, Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods (and David Boreanaz) Home Wrecker?

This rumor has not been confirmed by ABC, however, so take it with a grain of salt. Also, we’ve learned Rache has other, more entrepreneurial plans.

Nilsa Prowant Spring Break

Her own reality dating show.

Rachel Uchitel, two producers and an agent have gone to four different cable networks, pitching a show called – yes, we’re serious – “Romancing Rachel.” 

NO SHAME: Rachel Uchitel plots her next move(s).

The premise? Rache has a hard time meeting guys, thanks to recent events. Hey, it’s hard out there for a home-wrecking, money-grubbing mistress!

Guys – hopefully not married ones – will court her on the show, which Uchitel has pitched to E!, VH1, Oxygen and Lifetime. Lifetime and E! passed.

VH1 (to the surprise of no one) and Oxygen are still in play, and one of the producers is Scott Jeffress (Jersey Shore, The Bachelor), so who knows.

What absolute trash. Her going dancing is one thing, but who would consider watching this?! Oh, who are we kidding, we’re in. On one condition, that is:

Elin Woods busts in on the climactic date with a 9-iron.