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Michelle Bombshell is making the most of her 15 minutes of fame… if you can even call it that. Notoriety could be better for a tattooed, Nazi porn star who is only known because she outed her affair with the married Jesse James.

She’s in talks to star in a show called Celebrity Cheaters, but in the immediate future, Bombshell, the “stage” name of Michelle McGee, will sign autographs, pose for HOT photos and dance topless at Vegas’s Deja Vu club Friday.

That’s right. You can get a Michelle “Bombshell” McGee autograph.

“We’re just cashing in on her celebrity now,” Deja Vu advertising and marketing director Larry Beard hilariously admits, and more power to ’em.

The people who pay money to see her though? We’re speechless.

Jesse James mistress Michelle McGee: Shamelessly cashing in.

McGee’s payment by the club, in addition to tips she might receive, will be $5,000 – money Beard expects to recoup and then some, given her status.

Not only is she “the other woman” in the Jesse James sex scandal, one of the most talked about gossip items of 2010, but, well, there’s the tat thing.

“There’s actually a group of tattoo enthusiasts that are all going to show up,” Beard says. “I’m getting a lot of response for it. It should be pretty big.”

This is really disturbing on so many levels. But:

“She’s a dancer. This is up her alley. Good publicity, bad publicity, it’s all publicity to me,” he said. “I mean, I don’t expect Sandra Bullock to show up.”