Jon & Kate Plus 8: Reloaded?!

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They couldn't go back to their old TV show or start a new version of it after all they've been through ... could they? Apparently one of them could at least. Jon Gosselin is "definitely open" to co-starring with ex-wife Kate, his lawyer said.

Whether it would be a new show or a revamped Jon & Kate Plus 8 remains to be seen, but "under the right circumstances" Jon would totally be down.

The only caveat, his attorney Anthony F. List stated, is that "the contract would have to be tighter." As would the leash Kate had him on, most likely.

Jon's lawyer said having Jon and Kate around the kids more would be a plus, and that he'd "love to settle" their latest legal dispute that he made up.

Yeah, settle as in get him off the hook for child support maybe.

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JON & KATE PLUS ANOTHER SHOW? Don't count it out.

The douchebag filed legal papers asking for primary custody and support last week, citing Kate's Dancing with the Stars gig as proof she's an absentee mom.

While it's kind of a BS argument, as she provides for the kids while he parades around chasing mediocre girls, Jon says he is prepared to press on with it.

Unless Kate cancels her "global commitments, that is." 

Jon (hypocritically) feels Kate is "addicted to the pararazzi" and can't have it both ways as a star and an attentive parent. As opposed to himself ... neither.

He says even if his former spouse is booted from Dancing with the Stars Tuesday (which Tony Dovolani is hoping for) he won't be dropping his custody case.

Kate is "caught up in the glamour of Hollywood" and will take other job, he says. Which he is outraged by ... unless she cuts him in on it, then it's all good!

Who deserves custody of the Gosselin kids?

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