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Yesterday, an attorney for Jon Gosselin announced that he would file a lawsuit seeking primary custody of his eight children, plus support from Kate Gosselin.

The latter isn’t taking news of this lightly.

In response to her idiot, jobless ex-husband’s claim that Kate is an absentee mom, the grating banshee declined comment on custody issues, but did say this:

“I am and always will be a mother first, but as a single working mom I will do everything necessary to provide for my children despite the opinions of others.”

Meanwhile, sources close to the couple say that the latest Jon Gosselin legal maneuver is just a ploy because he is going broke. Remind us to cry for the guy.

TLC’s new show: Jon and Kate Plus Court D8.

He claims that Kate is an absentee mother and that Dancing With The Stars is ruining his kids’ lives, “but the truth is Jon is going broke,” a close source reports.

“He hasn’t had a job since Jon & Kate Plus 8 went off the air.”

While Jon still has money left, his income prospects are bleak, what with TLC silencing his ass in court and whatnot. Meanwhile, his ex-wife is kinda raking it in.

Kate is making $200,000 for appearing on Dancing With the Stars and has a new reality show lined up with TLC, though the has not yet disclosed the concept.

“He came out a loser on the publicity and financial end of that divorce,” the source said, ironically, as it was he who first pulled the plug on his own meal ticket.

In any case, he senses an opportunity now to raise the stakes and possibly get out from the huge child support payments he’s on the hook for. A source says:

“His cash is disappearing quickly. He doesn’t want to pay Kate any more. Now he’s going after her and it looks like things are going to get ugly.” Ding, ding!

Who should have custody of the Gosselin eight?