Dr. Conrad Murray Not Taking Plea Deal

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Dr. Conrad Murray must feel pretty good about his defense strategy of blaming the victim, because dude is not interested in any plea bargain, thankyouverymuch.

Michael Jackson's embattled personal physician, who faces involuntary manslaughter charges stemming from the icon's death last June, is not looking for a deal.

Sources say Dr. Murray is adamant that he did nothing wrong and that Michael Jackson killed himself. Thus, he will not plead to manslaughter or a lesser offense.

The doc's defense team plans to contend that Jackson did himself in by self-injecting a fatal dose of Propofol into his bloodstream while Murray had left the room.

Will Dr. Conrad Murray beat the rap?

Murray, insiders report, is "completely confident" that he will be found not guilty on all charges, despite the inconsistencies in his story and rumors of a cover-up.

He is less certain that medical boards in Texas, Nevada and California will reach a similar result, though a judge did not pull his California medical license Monday.

Murray intends to fight to keep practicing, as he needs the cash money to pay for his defense and child support, but realizes the medical boards will go after him.

Also going after him with a wrongful death lawsuit? Joe Jackson. But Conrad shouldn't take that personally, since that guy will sue anything that comes along.

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