Buzz Aldrin Lifted Off Dancing with the Stars

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Dancing with the Stars voters got it right this week.

Had Kate Gosselin been booted, they would've had it right as well. But the pink slip deserved to go to Kate or Buzz Aldrin, whose ballroom careers had to end ASAP.

Buzz and Kate earned by far the lowest scores on Dancing with the Stars thus far, and while popularity is key, another ouster like Shannen Doherty's would be nuts.

Not that Buzz has anything to be ashamed of. As far the octogenarian he sees his time competing with partner Ashly Costa on the hit show, it's Mission Completed.

"I didn't start out with a big advantage," he said. "I had to overcome considerable obstacles. Age may be one of them. Physical agility, whether I learn things fast."

“I did this show for the fighter pilots, the military, the older geezers like me,” said the Apollo 11 legend, who received a farewell standing ovation from the audience.

Buzz Bids Farewell

“I thank everyone who voted for me,” said Buzz Aldrin, who may not be among the better dancers, but could be the coolest guy in Dancing with the Stars history.

New friends of Buzz and rumored couple Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy have fond memories and respect of their "mentor." Erin said that Buzz "set out to put the space program back in everybody's lingo, every day lives."

Maks agreed: "He added value to just the common knowledge."

Erin Andrews may meet sports stars on a daily basis at ESPN, but when it comes to Buzz, she said enthusiastically, "We met a guy that landed on the moon!"

That she did. The bottom three couples in danger last night were Buzz and Ashly, Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani, and Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower.

Surprisingly, Kate and Tony were let off the hook late, leaving Jake and Chelsie to sweat it out. Kate's probably still sweating Jon's new lawsuit, however.

Who are you rooting for on Dancing with the Stars?


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