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Since selling her story about having sex with Jesse James, a move she says was done with her kids’ financial future in mind, Michelle McGee has laid low.

Until now.

On her Twitter and Facebook pages, “Bombshell” McGee has lashed out at her Internet haters – quite an enormous group. Late Friday night she wrote:

“For all you internet warriors on here talking sh!t … it’s easy to place judgement when your sitting behind a keyboard … So get off your God dam high horse, your sh!t don’t smell like roses either. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone…”

” … in other words F*%K YOU!”

Michelle McGee is upset people judge her … for having an affair with married Jesse James, selling her story for money and posing half-nude in a coffin. The nerve.

After selling herself out hard on her website, she Tweeted (her account, no joke, is EvilC*nt”) thoughts on being fired from modeling for Angry White Boy clothing:

“Funny how [they] rode my coat tail ’til he realized he’d profit more by ‘dropping’ me. Jake Hollywood, it doesnt surprise me your trying to get publicity off of me.”

“The fact is, you’re a broke 28 year old boy living in ur friends parents house without a dime to ur name… keep sittting online all day worshipping travis barker.”

“your life speaks for itself..your just a loser. :)”

We have nothing to add, other than the fact that she can always fall back on some Nazi photo shoots if she needs the money … it’s a real niche market for her.