Michelle McGee: The Stripper Video

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Why was Jesse James cheating on Sandra Bullock?

Millions of fans of the Oscar winner are wondering just that, and this video of Michelle McGee, the alleged other woman, shot at Pure Platinum, Calif., in San Diego about a week ago, is just going to make you wonder even more.

Unless you're into nasty strippers, which Jesse James apparently is.

Footage of a topless Michelle McGee grinding up in the club has been leaked online, and we have to tell you, it's every bit as gross as you think it is.

Alleged tattoo model, porn star and Jesse James mistress Michelle McGee moonlights as a stripper. Or maybe she moonlights as those other things and just strips full-time.

You can't see any of her supposed white power tats like you can in that Nazi photo shoot, but that's probably because much of her body has to be blurred out.

Watching the NSFW video, we had a few thoughts:

  1. The Marilyn Manson soundtrack really is ideal for her
  2. We didn't know you could shoot video in a strip club

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