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Yesterday, we showered Angelina Jolie with praise due to her personal involvement in so many charitable causes, the latest of which being the earthquake in Haiti.

For irrational, jealous reasons, however, many haters commented that Jolie only pretends to care about the less fortunate because it helps her image.

There’s no proof of this, merely the assumption that someone who once acted strangely (i.e. wore a vial of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck) couldn’t possibly have a selfless bone in her body. We find this narrow-minded and absurd.

But even if we were to grant the premise that Jolie has ulterior motives for her actions, we ask readers: SO WHAT?

Does that make her money any less helpful to the charities it is given to? Does this make her presence any less inspiring to the Haitians she visited this week?

Instead of taking wild guesses about what’s going on inside Angelina’s mind and heart, why not look at the actions themselves:

She and Brad Pitt have donated $1 million to relief efforts in Haiti. She visited the SOS NGO Village for children in Port-au-Prince yesterday, along with the Doctors Without Borders hospital in the region.

You want to believe this is all some calculated PR move? Go right ahead, even though we pity you for taking such a cynical, negative stance.

But in an era where Kim Kardashian is admired by millions for posing on the red carpet, isn’t it refreshing to see Jolie on the front lines of poverty, regardless of her internal motivations for being there?

The people of Haiti sure think so. Watch their reaction to Angelina in the video below.

In Haiti