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We love TMZ, but they’ve had better days than yesterday.

In a bigger gaffe than the creation of TMZ sports, the celebrity gossip site claimed it had a picture of the late John F. Kennedy partying with naked babes on a yacht.

The photo, unveiled yesterday, was taken in the mid-1950s, TMZ alleged. You can see naked women jumping off the boat as the future U.S. president suns himself:

The Hollywood Gossip Logo

Scandalous! Only it was actually taken years after he passed away. The Smoking Gun alleged – and Playboy confirmed – that the picture in question first ran in the men’s magazine in 1967, or four years after JFK died. Umm, whoops?

We would give TMZ a break if not for how they first presented the photograph with 72-point EXCLUSIVE type and claiming it could have altered world events.

Really, guys? Even if that were JFK, he’s completely ignoring all the debauchery! The then-Senator was clearly focused on some important legislative matters.