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From shocking performances to turkeys claiming affairs with golf stars to morons gobbling up publicity, it was a busy week here at THG, and we are thankful.

As always, we’ve got it covered in The Hollywood Gossip‘s Week in Review! Some highlights (and lowlights) from the week in celebrity gossip:

  • Adam Lambert came under fire for a shocking AMA performance which he later admitted he crossed the line during. Still, GMA‘s subsequent nixing of Lambert coming on the show may indicate a double standard.
  • New Moon was released, breaking all kinds of records and garnering a positive review from our staff. Most people were happy about the film, with the notable exception of Miley Cyrus, who proved to be quite the jealous hypocrite.
  • Tiger Woods was in a car accident after rumors swirled about his involvement with Rachel Uchitel. Could the crash and Tiger’s supposed affair, or at least the rumors thereof, actually be connected? Stay tuned.

Adam Lambert’s AMA performance will not soon be forgotten.

  • Most ridiculous tabloid cover: this one of Johnny and Angelina.
  • Least effective attempt to make an ex jealous: Lindsay Lohan.
  • Most terrifying video: Sarah Palin supporters being interviewed.
  • Least inappropriate singer: baby-faced, adorable David Archuleta.
  • Most overdue Twitter call-out: Hailey Glassman to Jon Gosselin.
  • Least surprising hot topless PETA ad campaign: Joanna Krupa.

What happened to kurvy, konfident Kim Kardashian?

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