Levi: "Full Johnston" Comment Just For Hype

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Those rumors of Levi Johnston showing us "the full Johnston" in the upcoming issue of Playgirl was all just hype - dude was never gonna go full frontal.

That's according to Levi himself. The 19-year-old who put a baby in Bristol Palin says he never intended to get fully nude for the magazine photo shoot.

"I was never going to do that," Johnston said, denying that he wussed out at the last minute. "I'm not into x-rated stuff... come on now, I'm only 19!"

The archenemy of Sarah Palin says he put on about 15 pounds for the shoot and said he thought that despite some setbacks, the pictures are "alright."

"I wasn't in as good of shape as I wanted to be. But with the little time I had I couldn't have done better," he said. "We worked hard and are pleased."

Levi Photo

FULL FRONTAL SELLOUT: Levi's manager played us on this one.

The first Playgirl pic featuring Levi was leaked earlier in the week, with the rest of the spread - hockey stick and all - to come any day now. Calm yourself.

It sounds like the whole experience was traumatizing for the Alaska native, who said that any hope of doing Playgirl again in the future is off the table.

"I think this was a one time gig for me," he laughed, adding that his family had different reactions to the pictures. "My sister just laughed," he said.

"I haven't heard any feedback from my old man yet. I hope I don't!"

Do you wanna see Levi naked in Playgirl?


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