Lawyer: Jon Gosselin a Fraud, Hypocrite, Thief

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We all know Jon Gosselin is a complete tool, but a letter fired off by Kate Gosselin's lawyer to Jon's attorney accuses him of far worse.

Marty Singer, a litigation attorney for Kate, says Jon never warned Kate he was going to remove a large sum of money from their account.

That sum? $200,000!

Singer says Jon did so even as a court ordered them not to take significant amounts from their joint accounts without the other's approval.

Sources say Jon could be found in contempt of court for the unauthorized withdrawal, which (hilariously) left the account with only $1,000.

"I'm sure he will respond by going on a TV show," says Singer, a shot at Jon's visit to Larry King last week, during which Singer says Jon and his lawyer, Mark Heller, were hypocrites for saying family values (not money) were important.

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Jon Gosselin even hinted to Larry King that he wanted to cool it with the divorce, or at least the contentious nature of his split with Kate. Eh, so much for that.

Singer expects the family law attorney for Kate Gosselin will go to court on Monday to suggest Jon be held in contempt. He also said that Heller has breached "thirty-eight counts alleging multiple violations of the disciplinary rules."

The banking fiasco caps an intensely bitter week - even for them - between the two estranged spouses, during which production was suspended on Jon & Kate Plus 8.

The move followed the network's announcement that Jon was being dropped from the show, and him (hilariously) proclaiming he was going to do what it took to halt production on the show because it was damaging to his eight children.

Whose side are you on?

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