Nikki Reed Nude Photos: Coming Soon?

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This month's leaking of Ashley Greene nude photos caused servers around the country to crash.

While the pictures were quickly removed from websites, due to threats of a lawsuit, they may have given Greene's co-star an idea for publicity.

After all, according to sources at Life & Style, Nikki Reed was overheard complaining to Robert Pattinson this week that her laptop was stolen. While Reed was upset that she wouldn't be able to show off photos of her and Paris Latsis in Greece, we wonder if this is simply a prologue to the following headline:

Nikki Reed Nude Pics: Revealed!

She's already got an excuse for it, right?

Picture of Nikki Reed

For now, Reed is sticking with the story that the only images on the computer involved her and her boyfriend.

Somehow, the aforementioned tabloid claims to have insiders that heard Nikki tell Robert:

“I had so much fun in Greece this summer. I wish I had pictures to show you, but my laptop was stolen with everything on it. The police are trying to find it for me, but I doubt they will, which really sucks!”

Somewhere, meanwhile, Reed's lawyers are already crafting a letter that will order sites to remove naked photos of their client. It's the circle of celebrity life.

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