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She may or may not be a hermaphrodite. But no matter what genitalia she may or may not have, Lady Gaga “eats up and spits out” men, according to a pal.

The fashion-forward (or fashion-challenged, depending on your viewpoint) star’s producer, Rob Fusari, compares her to the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz:


Lady Gaga at SAGs

Lady GaGa broke up with her random boyfriend Speedy last month, but Fusari says she could not care less and will move onto her next victim man soon.

He said: “In terms of her break-up, that sort of stuff doesn’t faze her.”

Lady Gaga is a serious man-eater, says her producer pal.

“She’s got a little bit of a Tin Man heart. I’m not trying to sound mean but she eats them up and spits them out. To her men are like candy – take the wrapper off, chew it up a few times. Just the sort of girl you want to take home to mom!”

Lady GaGa, 23, dated “entrepreneur” Speedy after meeting him on the set of her “Love Game” video. She is said to have been the one to nix their romance.

Who will see Lady Gaga nude next? Besides every reader of Rolling Stone and Out magazine? Who knows, but they should heed a few words to the wise:

  • Do not get too attached.
  • She may have a penis.