Kari Ann Peniche Claims to Be Designing Bikini Line, Christian Audiger Denies Collaboration

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Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier sure knows how to pick winners when it comes to celebrity partnerships he solicits, then thinks better of and denies.

In what would have been the most ironic celebrity fashion collaboration yet, Eric Dane nude tape star Kari Ann Peniche said she was working on a new line.

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She made her way over to Audigier's studios yesterday, fueling speculation, and told celebrity gossip outlets afterward that she scored herself a design gig.

"I'm gonna be working on a bikini line," Kari Ann Peniche said.

"I start on Friday."

Sure she is.

Like Jon Gosselin before her, however, she might want to verify that with Christian first. Jon paraded around St. Tropez with Hailey Glassman earlier this summer and blabbed about working with Audiger, only to have the plug pulled promptly.

The Ed Hardy designer now denies everything Kari Ann said, basically.

A source close to Audigier denied reports of any collaboration with Kari Ann Peniche, a self-proclaimed budding swimwear designer, saying "those are just rumors."

Absolutely no clue where those rumors could have started. No clue.

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