Jessica Simpson: Not Joining American Idol

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Jessica Simpson may seem like a great replacement for departed American Idol judge Paula Abdul in that both are fun, harmless and say really inane things.

Not to mention, as a no-talent hack herself, Jessica might offer the panel unique insight in the early auditions as wannabes are nixed from a crowded field.

But alas, for all six of you who might have gotten your hopes up, but the casting coup, which was probably started by Jessica's dad/pimp Joe, is not to be.

J-Simps' rep Cindi Berger shot down reports that the alleged singer turned sad sack divorcee will be filling the fourth seat at the American Idol judges' table.

The reports are "not true at all," Berger said.

Rumors began a-swirlin' this morning when the New York Post said Joe Simpson was pushing for Jessica to replace Paula alongside Simon, Randy and Kara.

But in case you didn't believe the official denial from Jess' rep, Joe took to (what else) his official Twitter this morning to debunk the Post story for good.

"So, I am in thailand... But, of course, the post says I am in town trying to get ;ess to be the replacement for paula abdul... Do the lies ever stop????"

Not sure who ;ess is, but no, the lies definitely do not stop.

As for Abdul, she's not joining Dancing With the Stars, Ugly Betty or even So You Think You Can Dance, despite rumors tying her to all of the above.

Think she might still consider coming back to Idol for the right price?

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