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Gina Carano, pretty much the hottest thing to ever happen to Mixed Martial Arts, has been propositioned by Playboy.

To appear in her very own photo spread, that is. Completely in the buff!

Sadly for those who’d love to see Gina Carano nude, it’s not happening.

Gina Carano Image

Carano’s agent says Playboy has knocked on her door “multiple times” over the past year, but the fighter has turned them down.

She’s shot down the magazine’s offers so fast that “it never even reached to a point where we would even talk about money.”

Looks like MMA fans won’t get to see her show any skin … except for when she pummels her opponents bloody in the ring!

Gina Carano brings the heat … but only in the form of sweat.

Looks like you’ll have to settle for Heidi Montag nude (weak) since the far prettier and actually talented Carano wants nothing to do with Playboy.

This isn’t to say the 27-year-old doesn’t have a tiny bit of a naughty streak.

(Or a habit of stirring up controversy online, much later in life.)

What are we talking about, you ask?

Check out these Gina Carano pictures from Maxim last September – and tell us you don’t have a crush on American Gladiators‘ “Crush” …

See what we did there??

Who knows what the future holds, though.

When you’re out of a job and the money dries from the House of Mouse, easy money from the House of Hef might not seem so bad.

Just saying.